At Ovcin Dental Laboratory, we don't use buzz words or gimmicks.

Our products simply speak for themselves. 

I am Michael Vrbeta, owner of OVCIN Dental Lab. I take pride in the work that comes out of this laboratory. We strive to achieve a balance between aesthetics and function. We know that it is impossible to achieve our goals in an unpleasant, high-stress work environment. We do not overwork our dental technicians. We believe that quality takes a great amount of attention. This will be evident in our detailed work. Our workload depends on the balance of our technician / doctor ratio. We limit how many accounts we accept in order to assure an excellent end product. We also believe that rest and relaxation is an important key to continuing our high quality quest. We routinely take time off to ensure we do not burn out. We hope you do the same. When the laboratory takes time off we will let you know a minimum of 30 days prior to make sure your patient load continues to flow smoothly. Even though we emphasize a stress-less work environment, we can assure you timely turn around times.

We are solely an acrylic laboratory; we do acrylic and we do it well!  



We have always held a higher stander for the products we produce.  However, the need for lower cost dentures has climbed to staggering heights in this economic climate!  We have been chosen to develop  a  economic denture that is, we believe, an excellent choice for economy denture.  It took us over 3 1/2 years of development to streamline the process that it could make sense.   Now we have a low cost denture that makes sense for us to make, you to buy, and most importantly makes the patient happy! 

Why only Full over Full denture cases only?   This is one of the keys to being able to offer our fantastic dentures at such low low cost to you the dentist.  

We hope to hear from you and that you will choose to team up with us.